by Releaux

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Releaux’s debut album, 42403, explores the dramatic advancement of technology over the last several decades. The title track channels cold-war spy-craft and mysterious “numbers stations” into a cryptic puzzle. Other tracks reference software development, networking, electronics, vintage computing, gaming, and even a nod to homicidal artificial intelligences like HAL and GLaDOS.

42403 moves hypnotically through moody, bass-heavy ambient techno, Berlin school washes and precision, and sweeping film score soundscapes including Tyrell’s Balcony, an homage to the original Blade Runner soundtrack. Twin contemplative ballads introspectively examine the personal fears that keep so many creative dreams from reaching a wider audience, and the ironic isolation our increasingly connected world has engendered.

Recommended for fans of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, Tangerine Dream, The Orb, The Future Sound of London, Global Communication, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Wendy Carlos.

Note: This album has been sequenced with crossfades between several of the tracks. For optimal enjoyment, please listen on a device supporting gapless playback.



released September 25, 2017

Produced, Arranged, Composed, and Performed by Releaux.
Recorded at Schnauzerhaus and Releaux Recording Studios.
Art direction by Tortured Artist (www.tortured-artist.com)
Apollo 11 mission audio courtesy of NASA
All songs published by Releaux Records (ASCAP)

℗ © Releaux. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Releaux Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Releaux is a Milwaukee-based composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist.

Introduced early in life to vanguard electronic artists, he became fascinated with synthetic sonic textures as an additional dimension of musical expression. ... more

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Track Name: 42403
456 18 20 2
456 18 19 13
456 18 18 37
456 18 17 11

© Releaux. All rights reserved.
Track Name: Something's Coming
Something's coming.
Swimming through the waters, up from the deep.
Poisoning, ripping, tearing, feeding.
Feeding on my fears.
Feeding on conflict and drama and pain.

Something's coming.
An oil slick of misguided intention.
An unacknowledged violence.
An unfettered buzzing swarm of control.

Something's coming.
Brittle, burned flakes of passion turned to ash.
A form made of embers of rage and denial
Crouching on my chest and pushing and pushing
Until the breath is squeezed out of me.

Something's coming.
A breaking.
A sundering.
A reckoning.

Something's coming.

© Releaux. All rights reserved.
Track Name: The Lights
I close my eyes and the lights appear
I watch them and wish you were here
It's only time, time separating us
I wonder why as I gather dust
And the lights all spin while my life grows thin

Paper dolls with the edges burned
I think back wondering what I've learned
The same mistakes, same safe and narrow path
Footprints lead away from the aftermath
And the lights all shine, but my life's not mine

They shine - suggestions of color fading through shades of grey
They shine - cold and indifferent, but with me every day
They shine - floating, moving, always so far away
They shine

I close my eyes and the lights are there
Offering different paths if I'd only dare
Shadows call as I fall asleep
I'd risk it all, but the water's deep
Could I learn to swim as the lights go dim?

© Releaux. All rights reserved.
Track Name: Ghosts
Connections everywhere and not a single soul around me
Floating in the air, the messages appear
I understand, but I don’t understand
I walk this land, but only ghosts are here

Words are everywhere and not a single word comes to me
Falling from the air the memories appear
I understand that I don’t understand
I rule this land where only ghosts are near

Water everywhere and not a single drop flows through me
Vanishing mid-air, the memories appear
I understand that I won’t understand
I leave this land that only ghosts can hear

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